These are the sites that I haven't been updating for a while. Although they seem dead, I can't bring myself to shut them down once and for all. Now that I have a domain, though, they might be revamped in the future (at least I hope so). You're welcome to take a look at those sites, if you wish.

name: Lovely Graphics
birthdate: 25th June, 2005 / on hiatus since: 1st November, 2005
complete: 30%
what is it?: Graphic Site (in Italian)

I remember this site. I feel kinda melancholy when I think about it. It was the very first 'serious' site I've worked on. I had many projects in my mind for it - I wanted it to grow bigger and bigger, and I also wanted to fill it with anything that would be helpful for webmasters or for people who didn't know how to use photoshop or html. It was a really big project, now that I think about it, but I was confident and I believed I could do it. It was great at first - I had made a layout that I liked and started filling it with material. I could also keep up with updates, then people got interested and the site was getting more and more visitors (as well as affiliates) as time passed, I even opened a graphic exchange and a graphic webring; everything was going perfectly. This site even made it to version 2.0, which featured Chii from Chobits. I loved that layout - it was simple and yet somewhat 'sophisticated', with all those lines and the space for the affiliates. However, once school started, I found out I didn't have much time to update the site. I tried, but I couldn't. It made me very sad, but, instead of shutting it down, I kept it up. I couln't bring myself to close it, so I just 'let it be'. It wasn't my first site, but it was the first one that I liked and I put a lot of effort in it. I'm really sorry I let it die slowly, I truly am. Now, after many years, I look at this site and I think, 'Man, even though back in 2005 I couldn't do half the things I can do now in photoshop, I did a pretty good job with this one.' I am very critical and precise when it comes to graphic and layouts, so the fact that I actually liked my own layout was itself a big achievement. I wanted to revamp it at some point, and I even made a new layout for the occasion, but I never did it, fearing that I'd neglect it again. So, the final question is...
Will it ever come back? I seriously have no idea. I sure miss it. If ever revamped it, I could definitely add lots of things, since I've learned a lot more about photoshop and other stuff, so it would be more complete and useful than it was before. It will take a lot of time, though, so I can't revamp it right now; I might do it in the future.

name: Free Soul
birthdate: 24th December, 2004 / on hiatus since: ...I don't know?
complete: 100%
what is it?: Onda aka Mizumi Fanlisting (in Italian)

Onda is probably one of the most amazing people I've ever met; not only that, she's also one of my dearest friends. As you may have noticed, this fanlisting was born on December 24th - that's because it was also a Christmas gift for Onda herself. She was so embarrassed and yet so happy to see this, you can't even imagine; surely she wasn't expecting this. Unfortunately, I lost my password to the old collective I had, so I couldn't update this fanlisting anymore, nor can I close it. I put it on hiatus mainly because this fanlisting meant a lot to me (and it still kind of does) and I didn't want to put it in the 'dead' section because of that.
Will it ever come back? I wouldn't say this fanlisting will 'officially' come back one day. Maybe it'll stay as it is, maybe I'll do something about it. Right now only time can tell.

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