These sites are officially dead and there is now way they're ever coming back. Let's hope this list doesn't get any longer than it already is.

» Secret Garden: This was my first blog, where I wrote in Italian. It was hosted on, an italian blogging site, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I always used pre-made layouts made by other people. In the end, I quit it and started writing on livejournal, until I moved to dreamwidth, which is my current home.

» Pokemon Lovely Page: I don't remember much of this site, but I'm pretty sure it was the first one I've ever opened. The layout was made by me, thus it was very simple. It was about the couples in Pokemon, especially about Ash/Satoshi and Misty/Kasumi. I don't exactly remember when it died, but I lost all my files related to this site when I was transferring some stuff over to a new computer, so that's probably the main reason why it came to an end.

» Only Alien: A Kisshu (Tokyo Mew Mew) fanlisting that was never approved by tafl (of course, I didn't even know tafl existed at the time). At first it was in Italian and later in English. It was my first fanlisting ever. Although it wasn't officially approved, it still had a total of 48 members! Mostly from Italy, with a few exceptions. I made two layouts for this fanlisting.

» Human Inside: In Italian. The first shrine I've ever made. It was about the villains in Tokyo Mew Mew, the aliens, because apparently I liked the bad guys better. The layout was fairly simple. It died eventually due to loss of interest in the subject.

» Chibi's Collective: In Italian. This is what my former collective looked like when I didn't have a domain. The layout was pre-made. Tokyo Mew Mew was one of my major fandoms at the time, so that's why I chose that particular layout. It was hosted on, yet another italian site. I planned on revamping it with a new layout and everything, but I never did. Now I'm keeping it up, because... just because.

» Chibi's Fanfictions Page/Infinity: This was just a place where I kept all my fanfictions; I closed it some time later as I couldn't keep it updated.

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