You've reached the page of my current sites! They're divided in categories for easier access - from personal ones, to shrines and other collectives. Enjoy!


name: Reflection
birthdate: 24th December, 2009
what is it?: Fanlisting Collective

Way back, when I was hosted on a site that doesn't exist anymore, Reflection was my collective. Then I got the domain, but the name was just too beautiful to me to give it up. Therefore, I decided to turn it into my fanlisting collective. Now it's undergoing a major revamp, also because I changed the script with which I managed my fanlistings. I'm in the process of converting the last few fanlistings left and then Reflection will be open to the public once again. I chose the name Reflection because... well, it's very beautiful and no one had used it yet. Plus, I recently noticed that most of my fandoms can relate to the name quite well and somehow reflections (in mirrors, water, etc.) are always involved. I really like the concept, so I kept the name.


name: Actually, it should be Chibi's Omoide, but I disguise its name with various lyrics. ('Omoide' means 'memories'.)
birthdate: 25th December, 2005
what is it?: My personal journal

This is where my blog transferred to when I quit (an italian site) after two years of writing there. I also recently stopped using LiveJournal and transferred to Dreamwidth instead. Now, this is the place to go to if you want to know a bit more about me. I write about anything and everything, from daily life to fandoms and such. Sometimes school eats most of my time and I can't find the time to update my journal, but don't worry, I always come back in the end. It's semi-friends only, though, so that means that most entries will be public, but things that I feel are a bit personal will be f-locked. You can still ask to be added as a friend, though! I'll most likely friend you back. :)

name: To Fangirl
birthdate: 14th September, 2009
what is it?: My Joined Page

This is just a simple joined page, which basically is used by me to show the world what I'm a fan of. Here you can see all the fanlistings I've joined. I changed its name yet again (this shall be the last time, I promise!). It was first Tsukimono, then Addicted and now its (final) name is To Fangirl. A weird name, you say? Well, I think this one represents better what I love. Over the years I've taken the habit of using the word 'fangirl' as if it were a verb. Blame it on my crazy self, or on the fact that I'm not an English native-speaker, but now I actually use the verb to fangirl when I talk about my fandoms. So that's how this name was born.


name: I Get the Feeling
birthdate: 8th September, 2009
what is it?: Anime Songs Claiming Rotation

This is the first thing I did when I got the domain - I opened a rotation. There was a similar rotation some time ago, when I still had my old domain, but I couldn't find it anymore. Actually, I couldn't find a rotation that claimed anime songs, not even one. So I thought, 'What if I made a rotation?'. I've always liked rotations and I've been wanting to make one for some time. Although it's still a small rotation, it's slowly growing. So please, consider joining if you love anime songs! :)

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