'pirate queen'?

The name for the network came shortly after I had come up with the name for the domain. I bet you're probably wondering, 'What does a pirate queen have to do with Tsubasa and xxxHolic?'. Well, the name of the netowork doesn't revolve around Tsubasa and xxxHolic; rather, it focuses on two of my other major fandoms - Pirates of the Caribbean and Gossip Girl.

'Pirate' obviously comes from PotC. Since I watched that movie, I've been in love with the concept of pirate. Pirates represent freedom; they don't take orders from anyone (if not from their captain) and they can go wherever they want on their ship. Jack Sparrow is, obviously, one of my favourite characters and he clearly states that, 'The Black Pearl is freedom.' So there, you have your connection with 'wings' - they also represent freedom.

However, just the word 'pirate' wouldn't do, so I had to put something after it; and thus, I came up with 'queen.' Blair Waldorf, who is yet another all-time favourite character of mine, is usually referred to as Queen B. That's where the 'queen' comes from. I thought 'pirate queen' sounded good, so it became the name of the network. (Also, if you think about it, in PotC: At World's End, Elizabeth - who is played by Keira Knightley, my favourite actress - is elected 'Pirate King', when she should actually be 'Pirate Queen', being a female.)

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