the name was bought on August 30, 2009 (10 days after my birthday) as a 18th birthday gift from my father. I had been thinking about it for a while and decided that I really wanted to go back to web-designing and site-building after all the years I had been neglecting this little hobbie of mine. Only this time, I felt like a new name was needed.

Eternal-Paradise was a good name and it will always hold a special place in my heart. As much as it saddened me, I had to let it go, because it didn't hold the same importance as it did years ago. I still wanted something with 'eternal' in it, though, since I seem to love that word for no apparent reason. I thought about what is important to me and that would never fade away even if time passed, and only one single word came to my mind - 'wings.'

Why 'wings,' you ask? Well... since I was a child, I've always had a strange passion for wings. That's because my biggest wish when I was younger was to fly and visit different places (and it still somewhat is). Wings are connected to many things - freedom, angels, paradise (so there, you have a reference to my old domain!), but when I think of wings, there is one thing that comes straight to my mind - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, a manga I deeply love, which is tightly connected to my other favourite manga - xxxHolic.

Those who know me surely know that Tsubasa and xxxHolic are my biggest fandoms, among a few others. There are many reasons why I love those manga, one of them being - my favourite characters are in it. Before Tsubasa and xxxHolic came, I was a big fan of Card Captor Sakura - I loved the series to pieces and Sakura, the little protagonist, immediately caught my attention. I've watched very few episodes of CCS when I was younger, so when I grew up I couldn't remember the series quite well, but Sakura was stamped in my mind. Whenever someone mentioned her, or if I found pictures and stuff about her, I would immediately recognize her. Yes, she had impressed me that much. Later on I found the scans of the manga and, reading it, I fell in love with it - and I liked Sakura more and more. Syaoran, too, was just plain adorable to me. Not to mention they became my OTP shortly after I started reading it - and I still ship them today. When CCS ended, though, I was a bit sad, 'cause I had to let go of my favourite characters.

Then, some years later, came Tsubasa - and, guess what? Sakura and Syaoran were in it! And they were all grown-up, too! I just knew I had to read it - I had to. Let me tell you, it was the best thing I've ever done. This series has quickly become one of my all-time favourites manga. Also, thanks to Tsubasa, I also discovered another manga that was connected to Tsubasa - xxxHolic. I started reading it out of curiosity. I'd never imagined it would have such a big impact on me. By the end of the first chapter, I was completely and utterly in love with it. It was like I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for. xxxHolic was a mixtue of mystery, horror, humor, adventure - all mixed up with great characters. I also never thought I'd find a manga character that I could totally relate to, but I did - that character being, Watanuki Kimihiro.

As you may or may not know (depending on whether you read my ramblings on my lj or not), I feel very attached to this character for many, many reasons. Sakura and Syaoran, too, hold an important place in my heart. And lately I've been thinking, 'No matter if Tsubasa and xxxHolic end - they will be forever in my heart.' These two series got me hooked for years. They've become a part of me. I don't remember crying over a manga - well, with Tsubasa and xxxHolic I did. They make me feel all those emotions - sadness, pain and fear, but also happiness, hopefulness and love - all in one. Watanuki, Sakura and Syaoran - they're all three connected by an unbreakable bond - an eternal bond.

But the 'wings' part of my domain doesn't come just from the name of my favourite manga ('tsubasa' means 'wings'), it has even more meaning behind it. Tsubasa is also the mysterious power that Sakura holds within herself (in TRC, at least). Also, do I have to remind you that Sakura in CCS is usually drawn by CLAMP with wings on her back? There's also a Clow Card, 'The Fly', that allows her to fly (in the last season of CCS, the wings grow on her back instead of her staff). And let's not forget the butterfly, the symbol of xxxHolic and of Watanuki himself. Also, when I was a little girl, I loved mythological creatures with wings - such as Pegasus, dragons and phoenixes - and even today, whenever one of those creatures is mentioned, I can't help but get immediately interested, as well as a bit nostalgic by remembering all the time I spent reading about them when I was younger.

I love the word 'eternal', too. It makes me think of something beautiful and everlasting, and it makes me relax. Anything can be eternal - love, friendship, bonds between people. I'm in love with the concept of eternity. Also, 'eternal' is a word that describes well my love for something - I can never stop loving something that I've grown so attached to, no matter how much time passes.


As of August 2010, the 'official' name of the network is the endless sky network. This name was born after seeing that most of the domains out there have names of their networks that are somehow related to the name of the domains. After thinking much about it, I thought it would be better if the name of the network was more connected to the domain, so I decided to change it to 'endless sky'.

Why 'endless sky'? Well, 'endless' comes obviously from 'eternal', seeing as both words refer to something that never ends. As for 'sky', the sky is usually the first thing that I connect to wings. I also like looking at the sky when I want to relax. I admit I have a small obsession with the sky - I just love looking at it and see the clouds moving as if they have a mind of their own. What can I do, I'm just a hopeless romantic when it comes to these kind of things.

Click here if you want to know why the network was previously called 'the pirate queen network'.

If you wish to see a list with more detailed description about those who inspired the name 'eternal-wings' and have some sort of connection with it, then go here.

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