Even though I've given a very long explanation about the name of the domain, I also want to write about those who inspired the name, or have some sort of connection with it. Please note that this section will probably contain spoilers! Also, this list may get longer as time passes, since I'm always looking for new series and all. Here we go!


I'm sorry, but I just have to put Watanuki first. If you know me at all, then you should know I have a massive soft spot for this character. I feel very attached to him for an infinite number of reasons. We are the same - and when I say this, I mean it. The only difference is that he's a boy and I'm a girl, but beside that, we're basically the same. Everything that happens in xxxHolic, all the things he has to go through and, more importantly, the way he changes throughout the series - that's probably why I love this character to pieces. No wonder his symbol is the butterfly, which represents also his changing gradually. I feel like I've changed, too, since that time when I started reading xxxHolic years ago; somehow, I feel like I've changed along with Watanuki (only I had to go through different things). That's why the domain is named after him, too. Butterflies do have wings, after all; plus, xxxHolic, as well as Watanuki himself, will eternally be in my heart.


I'm sure you must have heard of this girl at least once. She is definitely the most amazing female character I've ever seen. Usually female characters don't catch my attention, but Sakura is different. Either in Tsubasa or CCS - you just gotta love her. She's the typical happy-go-lucky, kind and innocent girl, but she's also the perfect 'tragic heroine.' There are many aspects of her character that I love. She may seem defenseless at first, but she can totally kick ass when needed. She's always inspired me ever since I was a little girl. Her 'life motto', "Everything will be alright" has also gradually become my own motto, in a way - whenever I'm feeling down, saying it makes me feel always a bit better. She obviously has some major connection with the name of the domain, with her wings and the power within herself, the tsubasa - moreover, all her memories are represented as feathers. She's also one of the main characters of TRC, whereas she's the main character of CCS, my all-time favourite mangas. She appears in xxxHolic, too, since this series is connected with TRC.

jack sparrow

How could I not put him here? He's the one that inspired the first name of the network, after all. He's also connected to the name of the domain. In fact, there are two things that Jack seeks the most - freedom and immortality. As he himself once said, his ship, the Black Pearl, represents freedom - and wings, to me, represent also freedom. That's probably the main reason why he became a pirate. Also, his biggest wish is to live forever; he's continously seeking immortality and he probably will never stop until his wish is granted. This fits quite well the concept of eternity.


(yet another CLAMP character.) Nothing is known about this girl, except for the fact that she wants to go to a certain place and badly. In order to fulfill her wish, she has to fill a bottle by healing people's hearts. Well, I have reasons to believe that Kobato is some kind of angel. She's kind, innocent and adorably clueless. It looks like she's never been on Earth before and so she doesn't know exactly what to do half the time. Doesn't it sound to you like she's a fallen angel who wants to go back to paradise? Well, it surely does to me. Plus, I once found a picture of her with wings, so there. I also have a soft spot for Kobato and I think she may even become one of my favourite characters as the manga goes on, just like Sakura and Watanuki.


Well, I can't forget KKJ that easily. I read it before I discovered TRC and xxxHolic, and I think it will always hold a special place in my heart. I guess you could define Maron as some sort of angel, even though she's human. She does fight against the Devil and she helps people. Isn't that very angel-like? Nonetheless, in one of Chiaki's dreams, she even looks like an angel, when a pair of wings grow on her back. She's also pictured with angels, or with wings; she has wings even in the anime, when she transforms into Jeanne. Also, she's the reincarnation of Jeanne D'Arc (and Eve) - which means that she'll be able to live forever, reincarnation after reincarnation. Even though, in the end, she gives up her power to reincarnate to save Fin's life. Nevertheless, she is connected to the name of the domain.

Last but not least, here are other things connected to the domain: Pegasus, a mythological white horse with wings; the phoenix, another mythological animal with wings that can rise from its ashes, therefore it never really dies - making it a symbol of eternity (this is also Kai's bitbeast); and Sailor Moon's last transformation, Eternal Sailor Moon. Why the latest, you ask? Think about it. Eternal Sailor Moon is the most powerful form of Sailor Moon and, when transformed, she has wings - hence, Eternal Wings, which is the very name of this domain. You see what I did there? *shot*

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