So... how did my adventure on the internet begin? Well... I think the first site I opened was... my blog. Although it doesn't really count as a website, since I was hosted on Splinder and I just used layouts made by other people. That's how it all started, though. I opened it when I was around 11 years old or so (haha, I know right? I was really young - hence the nick 'Chibi') - so I would say roughly around 2001-2002. It later moved and changed address in October 2003.

My very first site, though, has got to be... Pokemon Lovely Page, which I have very few memories of. I remember that the layout was really simple and pink, with iframes. It was about the various couples in Pokemon, but with lots of emphasis on Ash/Misty (or Satoshi/Kasumi), which were one of my very first pairings and that I still ship to this day. Unfortunately, I don't have anything related to that site on my computer anymore. The files got deleted while I was transferring some stuff to another hard disk, so I lost everything. It was opened not too long after I opened my blog, so I'd say it was around mid-2002.

I didn't make any other major site until spring 2004. I stumbled upon TheFanlistings.org around 2003 and came across the concept of 'fanlistings'. Unfortunately, my English wasn't as good back then, so I couldn't get officially approved to run a fanlisting there (even my layouts/html skills were mostly 'decent'), but still, I really liked the concept and made my very first fanlisting (non-TFL approved and in Italian, mind you) about one of my most favourite characters from Tokyo Mew Mew - Kisshu (which I now own the TAFL approved fanlisting ♥). The fanlisting was opened in April 2004 and, to my surprise, a lot of people joined (most of them were Italian, with a few exceptions - all in all, the fanlisting had a total of 48 fans). The first layout for this fanlisting was really nothing special (it actually makes me kind of laugh when I think about it) - it just featured Kisshu on a black background (so it was very dark, as you can imagine), while the content was displayed in an iframe. I made a second layout for that fanlisting a year later, in May 2005, which looked much better (this time the background was white); it had iframes and was a pop-up layout. Eventually the fanlisting 'died', as almost nobody joined after that much time and I decided to take it down, even though it was one of my first sites that some people knew me for.

After that, I don't honestly remember any other site I might have made (I only remember being particularly active in some Italian forums, and I even run/moderated a few of them) - before I opened my collective (yes, it's still up, although it's only in Italian), that is. This time I have a full date - it was opened right in the middle of summer, on July 25th, 2004 (I was thirteen at the time). I remember being really pumped about being able to open my own collective. I used a pre-made layout that featured Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew (one of my main fandoms at the time), which I thought was quite beautiful. To my surprise, I was able to keep the collective relatively updated until the end of 2004.

I opened some sites and closed others along the way, but there are a couple that should be mentioned. Human Inside, an Italian shrine to the aliens from the animanga Tokyo Mew Mew (I wasn't kidding when I said it was one of my main fandoms), which featured one of my first pop-up layouts entirely made by me; it was opened on November 1st, 2004. Another site (or rather fanlisting) that I was quite proud of and that meant a lot to me was Free Soul, a fanlisting for a very important and dear friend of mine, Onda; it was opened on December 24th, 2004, as it was also my special Christmas gift for her; the layout was made by me and it was a pop-up (I was particularly fond of those) that featured blond!Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Those were the last websites I worked on while I had that collective. (You can see the full lists of websites that I closed here.)

Sometime during summer 2005, since I had learned how to make (somewhat 'good') layouts and I enjoyed anything that had to do with web-graphics, I decided to open a graphic site on June 25th, 2005, Lovely Graphics (again, only in Italian). It was my first 'big site' and definitely one of the few that I was very proud of. My intent was to write html and photoshop tutorials to help people who wanted to become webmasters (much like myself when I started out) create sites, as well as offer a few resources I made myself (like avatars, banners, wallpapers, fonts and more). The first layout featured Luchia from Mermaid Melody and was all pink; the second one featured Chii from Chobits and was more brown-ish (because I had uploaded it in autumn and I wanted it to reflect the season); I eventually made also a third layout, which was very blue-ish, but didn't upload it as I didn't have the time. While I did have good intentions for this site, I couldn't keep it updated after summer ended, which really saddened me. It wasn't a 'good time' to open such a big site - however, I've been thinking of revamping it for a while and I'd love to work on it in the (hopefully near) future.

That same summer, due to a change of email and me not remembering my password, I found that I couldn't access my collective anymore. Unless I made another one, I couldn't upload on the web anything I made. I really wanted to revamp my collective and to start working on fanlistings (which I started running - and this time they were 'approved' - sometime around 2005, after opening Lovely Graphics, when my friends Onda and Mao started running their own fanlistings and encouraged me to apply). Again, thanks to the encouragment of my two friends, I applied for hosting at the same site they were hosted on - et voilà! I could finally revamp my collective, which now had a new name, Reflection, as well as a brand-new section for the fanlistings I owned/joined. The first layout featured Chii from Chobits, it was purple-ish and (yet again) a pop-up; the second one was a very simple, yet kind of elegant black&white div layout (finally, no more pop-ups!) which featured Taichi and Sora from Digimon (despite the fact that I don't seem to particuarly ship this couple nowadays - I either liked them a lot more back then, or I really liked the picture I used for the layout).

Everything was going great - I seemed to finally have revamped my collective, I was taking care of a few fanlistings and I even made a third (that's right - a third) layout for the collective (I don't usually make it past two layouts, so this was some sort of event for me). Unfortunately, that third layout never saw the 'light of day', as the site/domain I was hosted on suddenly (and I mean it quite literally) went down. I lost a few of my files, but, most importantly, I lost my database, with all the fans that had joined my fanlistings.

After some time, I decided to do something about it - that's when my first domain, Eternal-Paradise was born. I remember that I originally wanted Eternal-Wings, but at the time the domain was owned by somebody else. (Little did I know that I would become its owner three years later. ♥) The domain opened on April 25th, 2006, but it was up only for a year. I remember getting extremely busy with school later that year (and for the next couple of years, too) and I couldn't keep up with both real life and my online hobbies - so I had to let go of that domain, as well as the few fanlistings I had.

Fast forward to summer 2009, when I turned 18 and realized that I had been neglecting this hobby of mine for too much time. I made up my mind and decided to give it another shot. I sure missed making layouts and bulding websites - I just needed a place where I could start over and host my sites. Thus, Eternal Wings was born. It was hosted for two years with DreamHost, before switching to Three-Words at the beginning of August 2011. (Boy, my sites and I sure seem to have a thing for summer, don't we?)

Unfortunately, my old domain, Eternal Paradise didn't hold the same meaning as it did before, so I decided to change the name of the domain. I'm in love with my domain, and I'll make sure to always take proper care of it. ♥

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